Car Detailing: The Perfect Gift

Who wouldn’t want their existing car to look as new again for free? A car detailing is the perfect gift available for friends, employees, co-workers, even family members for every occasion imaginable. Whether you’re buying for an Anniversary, Birthday or Christmas no mistakes can be made with the purchase of a Like Brand New Detailing gift certificate. Like Brand New Detailing gift certificates are perfect for anyone who loves taking care of their car or a mother who has three younger children and has very little time.

How many of your gifts promptly found their place in the closet corner or deep in a drawer?

It will never happen with Like Brand New Detailing gift certificates! Car detailing is a gift that tells others you care about them and you will feel good knowing it’s a gift that gives for months and months. All car owners spend on average an hour in their vehicles every day. Who wouldn’t want a crisp clean car? Once Like Brand New Detailing has taken over your vehicle, it will look brand new. You will have people asking, “Why did you buy a new car?” It will give you a great feeling inside and out.

Why give a gift certificate for automobile detailing at Like Brand New Detailing?

Because we are unlike other car detailing companies. We are unique in the fact that we are mobile which allows us to be at your beck and call. While your at work or just busy at home, we can give your car or that special someones car the cleaning it deserves.

Get a Like Brand New Detailing gift certificate today!

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Convenience and affordability are just a few more reasons why you should get it today. When you purchase a Like Brand New Detailing gift certificate you can rest assure your loved ones are taken well care of.