Exterior Services

All exterior detailing services receive a Full service hand wash/chamois dry, cleaning of wheels, wheel wells, tires, tar, bug, and road grime removal, and clay application to remove the environmental fallout. Claying will deep cleanse the pores of the paint and enable wax or sealants to adhere better and last longer. Exterior rubber trim and tires are dressed and conditioned to like-new condition. Prices shown are listed in ranges, as actual cost depends on the size and condition of the vehicle. All exterior services also receive vacuuming of interior & cleaning of interior windows & mirrors.

Like-New Poly Seal $119 – $159

Our long-term Paint Sealant protection service is for people who plan to keep their cars for a “long time” and want “long term” paint protection. Our Paint Sealant would be used in place of wax and actually bonds an invisible shield of polymer protection that will protect your car’s paint from the environmental elements and the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays through a process called molecular cross-linking. Your car’s paint will be protected for up to a year. Annual re-sealant applications are recommended for a superior long lasting shine and superior protection. Up to 1 year protection, annual re-seals for $69-$89.

Blue Lustre II $80 – $109

Our two-step Blue Lustre II polishing service is intended to correct minor to medium paint imperfections like light scratches and oxidation. Your car is first professionally machine buffed through our exclusive swirl-free foam pad buffing process which uses special polishes and glazes with resins to restore the paint to resemble its original beauty. Our Cherry Wax is machine applied to seal in the protection and leave a “wet look” brilliant shine. Up to 6 months protection with additional cost for compounding.

Wash & Wave $49 – $69

This one step exterior polishing service is for newer vehicles in which the paint is in very good shape and needs no paint correction. After the vehicle is washed and prepped, a generous amount of Cherry Wax is machine applied to leave a brilliant shine. Up to 3 months protection.

Executive Valet Wash $25 – $45

The vehicle’s wheels, wheel wells, tires, trim and front face are first presoaked, scrubbed and rinsed to loosen and remove dirt, grime, grease and bug splatter residue. Mounds of bubbly car wash soap suds with special polymer are used to wash the vehicle with a lamb’s wool mitt to leave a sparkling, dazzling shine. All exterior rubber and vinyl trim are treated to a like-new condition. Interior is vacuumed, dash and steering column are wet dusted and special attention is given to clean mirrors, windows, and window tips. Interior fragrance available upon request.

Paint Over-Spray Removal $60 – $150

Many vehicles today are subject to paint over-spray from freshly painted bridges, buildings, and roadways. Left untouched, the paint can embed itself deep into today’s clear-coated paints, making it almost impossible to remove the flaws. Our claying procedure will easily remove most paint over-spray quickly and safely. We recommend one of our exterior protection services after this procedure.

Convertible Roof Cleaning and Conditioning $25

Many convertible tops are made of cloth, which is also known as “stay fast” material. These cloth tops are prone to environmental fallout, staining, and spotting. The vehicle’s cloth roof is first thoroughly cleaned with a special cleaning agent formulated just for fabric convertible roofs. Once cleaned and dried, RaggTopp fabric protection is applied to protect fabric from these elements.

Engine Shampooing $25 – $50

Keeping a vehicle’s engine clean will help it run cooler, making it easier to service and also provide an increase in resale value. The engine compartment is shampooed with special degreasers and cleaners to break down caked grease and grime that has deposited itself on firewalls, liquid containers, and valve covers. The Engine compartment is then “dressed” with a non-silicone low sheen dressing. Although many precautions are taken not to damage various electronic sensors.

We are not responsible for damage that could occur.