Detailing Packages

New Vehicle Protection Package $225 – $295

If you have recently purchased a new vehicle or plan to do so, you should consider protecting the paint and the interior with this package. Our New Vehicle Protection Package features our Like-New Poly Sealant to protect your new vehicle’s paint from environmental fallout and UV rays. Our LNPS will also shine the surface like nothing you have ever seen! To maintain total protection and that slick, glossy look year-round, have us reapply our LNPS annually. Also included with this package is our Fabric Protection for carpets and upholstery. Our Fabric Protection is odorless and colorless and acts as invisible barrier that surrounds your carpets and seat fibers so that a food spill cannot absorb into the fibers and stain. This service will also keep your interior cleaner longer and make routine vacuuming easier. If your vehicle has leather seats, we will also condition the hides with a pH balanced leather conditioner. This will keep your seats soft and supple and make them easier to clean. Most new car dealers charge between $500 – $1000 for this package! Why pay the elevated price? Save hundreds of dollars with our service and you can be sure that the work and preservation of your vehicle is being accomplished correctly. We also specialize in black vehicles.

Ozone Treatment $50 – $100

For strong offensive odors from cigarettes, smoke damage, decaying matter, pets, urine, food, beverages, vomit, mold and mildew, our Ozone Treatment permanently kills the odor. Ozone is a colorless gas with a distinct pungent scent; it is a molecule made up of 3 atoms of oxygen. Ozone occurs quite readily in nature – at the beach, in the forest, or near waterfalls. In fact, the scent of fresh spring rain following a thunderstorm comes from nature’s creation of ozone. Since ozone is the second most powerful sterile molecule in existence, it can easily destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and odors rather quickly. Ozone treatment time varies from a 1/2 hour to 2 hours. Our Complete Interior Service is highly recommended prior to Ozone treatment.

Premium Detail Package $139 – $229

This service includes both our Full Service hand wash and prep, Blue Lustre II polishing, and our Complete Interior Service. You save 10% off of our regular prices when purchasing in this way. Add $20 – $30 for Like-New Poly Seal instead of Cherry wax.

Platinum Detail Package $159 – $249

This service includes everything with the Premium Detail Package PLUS our Engine Shampooing and Dressing.