VIP Plans

VIP Plans*

Once your vehicle has had either the Premium or Platinum service, you can choose a money saving cosmetic maintenance package to keep your vehicle clean and gleaming all year long! Pricing is based on each completed detail and size of vehicle. Example: if you choose the Chairman’s plan, your vehicle would be detailed every two months and you would also receive 2 separate car washes (1 per month). The costs below are to be paid at the beginning of each Detailing Service. For example, let’s say that you have a Mercedes 500SL and choose the Chairman’s Plan. Your cost would be $140 x 6 for an annual total of $840. If you have a Mazda Miata your cost would be $120 x 6 for an annual total of $720 – costs are based on the size and condition of the vehicle. The cost of 12 washes per year without having the VIP plan would be $420 for the 500SL, so for the additional $420 (total of $840), you are receiving 6 details at $70 per detail! These packages save the car owner money and keep the vehicle clean and protected all year round.

Governors Plan $100 and Up

Includes one detail per month and 2 hand car washes.

Chairmans Plan $120 and Up

Includes one detail every 2 months and 4 hand car washes

Directors Plan $140 and Up

Includes one detail every quarter and 8 hand car washes

Executives Plan $175 and Up

Includes two details per year and 12 hand car washes.

*Extra services like paint over-spray removal, fabric protection, or out of the ordinary cleaning may result in additional cost associated with the VIP plans.